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The French satirical magazine L'assiette au Beurre preferred pictures to text. Each issue featured about sixteen large prints. Famous artists including Steinlen and Caran d'Ache worked for this... [Item of the Day]
The first photo in a Dutch newspaper appeared in the Amsterdamse Courant of 24 February 1890. It was a photo of the Amsterdam theatre that burnt down four days previously. Although the quality of the... [Item of the Day]
The oldest newspaper in the Netherlands was called Courante uyt Italien ende Duytschlandt (Courant from Italy and Germany). It was printed in Amsterdam, but carried reports about all of Europe,... [Item of the Day]
Inspired by the French Revolution a revolution takes place in Holland in the beginning of 1795. The 'Batavian' Republic is established. The new state of course derives the national motto from the... [Item of the Day]
The satirical Turkish paper Aydede (Father moon) began to appear in 1922, with Refik Halid Karay as chief editor. It called itself a "really independent political and entertaining newspaper". The... [Item of the Day]
At the end of the seventeenth century, the French government strongly controlled the national press. Censorship was effective, and non-Catholics had a difficult time. Especially the Protestant... [Item of the Day]
The Dutch colonies have published newspapers since the 18th century. A fine example is the Surinaamsche Nieuwsvertelder [The Surinam News Reporter] from Paramaribo, Surinam. This paper mainly reports... [Item of the Day]
March 17, 1982 four Dutch journalists were murdered in El Salvador. The Duarte government, supported by the US, was held responsible. Demonstrations were held near the American consulate in Amsterdam. [Item of the Day]
The Daily Graphic was a lively daily with solid political news reports as well as 'tear jerkers.' A case in the divorce court drew a great deal of attention on 18 February 1895.An English merchant... [Item of the Day]