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Since 1657 the Haegsche Donderdagsche (of Maandagsche) Mercurius ("The Hague Thursday (or Monday) Mercury") has appeared, published by Gerard van der Macht. The newspaper reported about the 'Nordic... [Item of the Day]
Chokugen, 'the sole publication of the Japanese socialists' was stored in Russia before it came to the IISH. This issue dates from 2 April 1905, in the midst of the Russo-Japanese war. It has the... [Item of the Day]
The Third of May is World Press Freedom Day. The list of journalists killed while performing their duties contains hundreds of names, and one of them is Lissy Schmidt.The German journalist Lissy... [Item of the Day]
Social-demokraten is the newspaper of Det Norske Arbeiderparti (DNA), founded in 1887. In 1921 the DNA joins the Communist International. This contested decision leads to the split away of a more... [Item of the Day]
The American revolutionary magazine The Masses, dubbed "frank, arrogant and impertinent" by its most famous contributor John Reed in 1911, wanted to "do as it pleases and conciliate nobody". During... [Item of the Day]
In 1980 the British trade union TUC struggled with the Thatcher government. To protest against the economic and employment policies it called for a national "day of action", which led to a violent... [Item of the Day]
More than a million Russians have already perished in the Great War when the February Revolution of 1917 terminates czar Nicolas' regime and he is exiled to Jekaterinenburg. The German satirical... [Item of the Day]
The poor situation of the early socialist movement in Puerto Rico can be seen in its newspaper, a folded folio named El Porvenir Social. There are eight vendors who sell El Porvenir in the capital of... [Item of the Day]
Kuwaits largest newspaper The Daily News of 7 December 1969 contains a warning by the president of Lebanon. Without a solution to the conflict in the Middle East not a single people in the world will... [Item of the Day]
The French satirical magazine L'assiette au Beurre preferred pictures to text. Each issue featured about sixteen large prints. Famous artists including Steinlen and Caran d'Ache worked for this... [Item of the Day]