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During the economic crisis of the thirties, the labour movement in Romania sees no better trade ahead. "If you don't have work, the prospect of hunger and vagabondism is lurching", according to their... [Item of the Day]
Tensions arose between Great Britain and Russia during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. Russia had gained increasing influence in the Eastern Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. People in England,... [Item of the Day]
The Federacion Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU) in July 1957 reported that "never before in the history of the world have prospects for the people been so gloomy. In Latin America especially there is a... [Item of the Day]
10 October 1957 was a fine day for the Dutch daily De Telegraaf.  Jayne Mansfield paid the newspaper a visit. The rising star continued her publicity strategy that had previously been so successful... [Item of the Day]
The Italian leftist daily Lotta Continua covers the official celebration on the death of Aldo Moro on May 13, 1978. After 55 days of incarceration the leader of the Christian-democrats was executed... [Item of the Day]
The Dutch writer Karel van het Reve established the Alexander Herzen Foundation in 1969 to publish manuscripts from dissident Russian writers in the West. This led to the publication of work by... [Item of the Day]
The Pravda "Workers paper" started in Petersburg in 1912, and following many name changes developed into the central organ of the Bolsheviks. This issue, dated May 8, 1912, has news items of a mixed... [Item of the Day]
Dutch Prime Minister Abraham Kuyper was born in Maassluis (1837) and paid an official visit to this town on 28 July 1906. In one of his speeches he recalled some nostalgic memories from his childhood... [Item of the Day]
Anarchists in Catalonia in 1881 founded the satirical magazine La Tramontana, named after a local wind. This wind, according to the picture on the masthead, blows away all institutions and... [Item of the Day]
On 17 July 1985 the Australian Socialist Workers Party responds to a speech by President Reagan about an international terrorist syndicate that includes Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Libya, and Iran... [Item of the Day]