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Louise Michel’s speech of 3 June 1886: what did she really say?In the short biography of Louise Michel by Hélène Saudrais on the IISH website, it is said that the period after 1885 was characterized... [Collection highlight]
The journal Aman-e Afghan was first published in the Persian language in Kabul on 30 March 1920 under the editorship of Abdullah Dawi (1895-1982). Due to its association with the government of Amir... [Collection highlight]
In 2012 the IISH acquired a collection of Indonesian radical zines, issued in the period 1999-2005, the first years after the fall of the dictator Suharto in 1998.The amount of fanzines or zines,... [Collection highlight]
Recently, the institute acquired the archive of publicist, radio commentator, and South Africa expert Karel Roskam.Roskam was born in Amsterdam on March 7, 1931, and passed away on January 17, 2010... [Collection highlight]
‘Una formidable arma de contrainformación….’ Publisher Ruedo Ibérico’s role in the struggle against Franco’s censorshipIn the night of 13 to 14 October 1975 a firebomb exploded on the rue de Latran... [Collection highlight]
The book covers look innocent: Lucrative Goose-Breeding, by Paul Hohmann, with 9 illustrations, or The Shrewd Housewife, offered by Franck - for over one hundred years the perfect taste for your... [Collection highlight]
On 9 October 1911 the Persian newspaper of Seraj-al-Akhbar was published by Mahmud Tarzi (1865 - 1933) in Kabul. Better known as Mahmud Beg, Tarzi lived in the Ottoman territory from 1886 to 1905,... [Collection highlight]
Since 1990 the IISH holds the large photo collection of the Algemeen Hollands Fotopersbureau (AHF: general Dutch photo press agency). It was founded by photographer Ben van Meerendonk (1913-2008) in... [Collection highlight]
“Freedom of expression – the freedom to send, receive, share and access information and ideas (in any media) – is a core right, vital to the exercise of most other rights; if it is compromised online... [News]
In the brandnew Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, a highlight from the collections of the IISH is on show: the manuscript of the memoirs of the Russian writer and advocate of freedom of... [News]