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During the more than four years of occupation of Belgium in the Second World War, there appeared hundreds of illegal publications in that country. Three of them were published by the 'Independent... [Image gallery]
In 1993 the organization Press Now was established to promote free, independent, and professional journalism in former Yugoslavia. In addition to being a constitutional right and ideology, freedom of... [Image gallery]
A selection of posters from the IISH collection that deal with press freedom, on the occasion of International Press Freedom Day. The selection shows that "freedom of the press" not only applies to... [Image gallery]
A large number of collections at the IISH deal with the press, freedom of the press, and human rights. For World Press Freedom Day the IISH also calls attention to an event from the past, and in... [Image gallery]
At midsummer, when the cucumbers are ripe, there is nothing much to report in the media. 'Cucumber time' ('silly season') inspired Dutch cartoonists of different backgrounds. Click here for a... [Image gallery]
On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, commemorated on 3 May every year, the IISH wishes to call attention to Freie Presse, a magazine published by German socialists during their exile in... [Image gallery]
In the late 1940s (following World War II) Henk van Randwijk (journalist and editor-in-chief of the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland) and his fellow war-resistance fighter Cees de Koning (director of Vrij... [Image gallery]
Dutch press photographer Johan de Haas (1915-1997) worked from 1937 to 1978 for various newspapers and journals published by social-democratic organizations, commonly referred to as the Red Family.... [Image gallery]
 The New Era Journal, (Khit Pyaing), was founded in Thailand in 1993 by the late U Tin Maung Win. U Tin Maung Win was one of the leaders of the secret All Burma Student Association which was formed... [Image gallery]
In connection with World Press Freedom Day, the IISH wishes to call attention to Jacob Andries Brandsteder's (1887-1986) forced departure from the Dutch East Indies in 1919. He had to leave the... [Image gallery]