Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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In many ways, the European welfare state constituted a response to the new forms of social fracture and economic turbulence that were born out of industrialization—challenges that were particularly... [Publication]
'Naples, December 1765. The populousness of Naples is so remarkable that a stranger, the first time he passes through some parts of the city, would imagine the people were assembled in the streets on... [Item of the Day]
The Conference of Latin American Bishops at Medellín, Colombia stated on 6 September 1968: 'There are many studies of the Latin American people. All of these studies describe the misery that besets... [Item of the Day]
Clarinna Stringer, a widow with four children living in Carlton, Australia, was starving. She was refused relief by the local charity. By June 1892, she was well behind with the rent and the bailiffs... [Item of the Day]
'I am very bad in my bed Cloths which you know is very bad this weather and... I have no Shoes to Come in I assure you with all the indeavours of my wife we are very poorly off both in bed and... [Item of the Day]