Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The terrazzo worker specializes in the construction of tile floors. Small pieces of granite, limestone or marble are mixed with cement and scattered on a supporting floor of sand and cement in a... [Item of the Day]
John Lincoln was imprisoned in the Tower of London on this day for being a leader of the Evil May Day Riots. Evil May Day was an outburst of anti-foreign feeling in East London. On 1 May 1517, a mob... [Item of the Day]
Strong anti-foreigner sentiment emerged during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) with its notion of national pride, 'Mexicanidad'. Chinese immigrants were accused of taking jobs and women away from... [Item of the Day]
Hardships in the Crimea did not end with the official termination of the  Crimean War on 30 March 1856. Throughout the peninsula agriculture fell into ruins as fields were left unsown and vineyards... [Item of the Day]
Three hundred African immigrants, originating mainly from Mali and Senegal,  occupied the Saint-Ambroise church in the 11th arrondissement of Paris to put pressure on the government to regularize... [Item of the Day]
The Au Pair of the Year 2012 award was given to Birte Klusmann, a German native hosted by an American family in Budapest on 14 March 2012. A year before, the Citizen's Rights and Constitutional... [Item of the Day]
Female migrant workers from the Philippines and Indonesia staged a flash mob demonstration in Taipei Railway Station, Taiwan, calling attention to the abuse of foreign workers on 9 February 2014. The... [Item of the Day]
In SIngapore, the Filipino domestic worker Flor Contemplacion, aged 42,  was hanged for murdering her fellow maid and the little son of her employer on 17 March 1995. The trial was hasty and many... [Item of the Day]
China and Israel officially established political relations on 24 January 1992. The first contract on labour export from China to Israel was signed in that same year. Ten years later, there were 17.... [Item of the Day]
According to the Law 'Adolpho Gordo' issued on 7 January 1907, all foreigners living in Brazil involved in crimes like homicide, the organization of prostitution, and participation in strikes and... [Item of the Day]