Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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European trade unions are among the most influential and powerful institutions within Western economies, in many cases cooperating with the government and employers' associations in socio-economic... [Publication]
During the last decade studies have indicated that migration has been a normal, structural element of human societies throughout history. Progress in migration and settlement studies under this new... [Publication]
Long-distance migration of peoples have been a central if little understood factor in global integration. The essays in this collection contribute to a new history of world migrations, written by... [Publication]
Diplomatic relations between communist Czechoslovakia and Vietnam officially started on 2 February 1950. A number of Vietnamese students and workers came to Czechoslovakia in the 1950s and 1960s.... [Item of the Day]
Following a revolt of Albanians in 1730,  the Ottoman administration was very concerned about the great number of Albanians who crowded Istanbul in search of employment. Of particular interest to... [Item of the Day]
In the nineteenth century chimney sweeps formed the largest group of Italian migrants in the Netherlands. They came from Piemonte and Ticino, provinces on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Almost... [Item of the Day]
The Emergency Quota Law of 19 May 1921 was designed to limit the immigration of aliens into the United States. Based on data from the 1910 US Census, the Act established a quota limit of 3 % of the... [Item of the Day]
Cleomene Aridjis migrated from Greece to the Netherlands in the 1920's and found work in a cigarette factory in Bilthoven. But this job was not rewarding for the audacious Aridjis. With a 625 liter... [Item of the Day]
On 26 December 2008, the president of Armenia signed a decree that granted citizenship of the Republic of Armenia to the famous French-Armenian performer Charles Aznavour. France is the largest... [Item of the Day]
A group of Hungarian tinsmiths entered the Netherlands in March 1868. The itinerant traders living in tents or caravans had specialized in repairing kitchen utensils. This picture, taken in April... [Item of the Day]