Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Memories of Belonging is a three-generation oral-history study of the offspring of southern Italians who migrated to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1913.Supplemented with the interviewees’ private... [Publication]
In today’s Europe, migrant domestic workers are indispensable in supporting many households which, without their employment, would lack sufficient domestic and care labour.Black Girls collects and... [Publication]
In 2010 Jan Lucassen and Leo Lucassen published the IISH Research Paper The mobility transition in Europe revisited, 1500-1900. Sources and methods with the data on which they based their... [Publication]
Globalising Migration History is a major step forward in comparative global migration history. Looking at the period 1500-2000 it presents a new universal method to quantify and qualify cross-... [Publication]
This volume offers a pan-European survey of migration and settlement issues that encompasses Switzerland, Prussia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain. It explores how the conception of belonging... [Publication]
In Migration and Membership Regimes editors Ulbe Bosma, Gijs Kessler and Leo Lucassen bring together ten essays in an analytical framework which looks beyond the Transatlantic migration of the... [Publication]
Proletarian and Gendered Mass Migrations connects the 19th- and 20th-century labor migrations and migration systems in global transcultural perspective. It emphasizes macro-regional internal... [Publication]
These transfers of sovereignty resulted in extensive, unforeseen movements of citizens and subjects to their former countries. The phenomenon of postcolonial migration affected not only European... [Publication]
Sinds de jaren negentig zijn migratie en integratie niet meer weg te denken uit het publieke debat. De politieke polarisatie tussen voor- en tegenstanders van immigratie en multiculturaliteit is... [Publication]
Making Money Off Migrants is a case study of the plight of the migrant worker. While it focuses on the experience of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia, many of the problems described would be... [Publication]