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In the fermenting shed of a tobacco company on Sumatra's East coast, overseer mr. Lühmann was attacked and severely wounded by one of the coolies. Labour unrest and the amount of murder attacks on... [Item of the Day]
In the month of March 1900, 2106 convicts and 719 contractors in the Ombilin mines, West Sumatra, produced 16417 tons of coal, according to the Javasche Courant.More figures about Ombilin were... [Item of the Day]
IISH is engaged in a research project 'Luxury and Labour, a global trajectory of diamond consumption and production, 16th -19th century'.  Diamonds were chosen because they, more than any other... [Item of the Day]
Following a long, successful career as a film actor and mayor, Joseph Estrada attained the highest office in the Philippines in 1998. His administration was characterized by plunder and corruption.... [Item of the Day]
During the economic crisis of the thirties, the labour movement in Romania sees no better trade ahead. "If you don't have work, the prospect of hunger and vagabondism is lurching", according to their... [Item of the Day]
In the Alps the water bubbles and rushes very rapidly. Aristide Bergès, a French paper manufacturer, had an idea to transfer the energy of the waterfall into electricity. In Lancey, near Grenoble, a... [Item of the Day]
'Zonnestraaldag' (Sun Beam day) is a day to collect money for sanatorium Zonnestraal in Hilversum, Holland. This hospital for tuberculosis patients opens officially in 1928. The costs of nursing are... [Item of the Day]
At the third Olympic games for workers in Antwerp in 1937, the threat of fascism was clearly visible. The communists had always been excluded from the labour Olympiad, but this year for the first... [Item of the Day]
Labor Daily, the official organ of the labor movement in Australia, mainly features friendly news about sports and human interest. A cow in Nambucca River region has given birth to twins, but... [Item of the Day]
The Canadian Knights of Labor feel misunderstood, says their Canadian Labor Reformer in September 1887. They complain about misapprehension and lethargy in their own ranks. Their device is: "If all... [Item of the Day]