Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Dinsdagmiddag, van 14-15 uur, kunt u luisteren naar het nieuwe radioprogramma 'Broeinest Amsterdam' over de sociale geschiedenis van Amsterdam, een samenwerking van het IISG en Amsterdam FM. In heel... [News]
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: the African Union resides here, as does the United Nations' Economic Commission for Africa as well as numerous international NGOs. The Africa (Sub Sahara) Regional Desk of the... [News]
The new director of the IISH, Erik-Jan Zürcher, is one of the twenty-five newly chosen Members of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.The 220 Fellows of the Academy are prominent scholars from all... [News]
The International Social History Association (ISHA) was founded at the 20th International Congress of the Historical Sciences, held in Sydney, July 3-9, 2005. ISHA’s aims are:● to maintain and... [General page]
Op 29 april j.l overleed Dr. Auke P. Jacobs. Hij was bestuurslid van de Vrienden van het IISG van 2010 tot en met 2015.Dr. Auke P. Jacobs studeerde Spaans in Amsterdam, Salamanca en Madrid en... [General page]
>>view current issue.The International Review of Social History (IRSH) is one of the leading journals in the field of social history, more in particular the history of work, workers, and labour... [General page]
On 25 November 1935 the International Institute of Social History was established. Although two gentlemen are known as the founders: Nicolaas Posthumus, economic history professor, and Nehemia de... [General page]
The 75th Anniversary of the International Institute of Social History (founded 25 November 1935) was celebrated in 2010. It received a lot of attention from the  Dutch media. A varied jubilee program... [General page]
Kleefstra, Anna Catharina (known as Annie Adama van Scheltema), a librarian at the International Institute of Social History, was born in Lemmer on 25 February 1884 and died in Amsterdam on 22 March... [General page]
Nehemia de Lieme, founder of De Centrale Arbeiders Verzekerings- en Depositobank and philanthropist of social-cultural institutions of the modern labour movement, was born in The Hague on 26 March... [General page]