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The American anarchist Emma Goldman was considered already a dangerous woman in the 1890s. She was associated with the attempt on industrialist Henry Frick in 1892 and wanted by the American police.... [Item of the Day]
The French adventurer and anarchist Zo d'Axa (1864-1930) exposed all kinds of misbehaviour in his magazine l'Endehors. In his opinion, hypocrisy ranked high in the spectrum of vice and he spotted... [Item of the Day]
On June 7, 1896, a bomb exploded amidst a religious procession in Cambios Nuevos, Barcelona, which caused a drummer corporal and some bystanders to die. Anarchists from Spain and France were arrested... [Item of the Day]
Well-known anarchists including Errico Malatesta, Emma Goldman, and Rudolf Rocker convened in Amsterdam from 25 to 31 August 1907. They discussed matters of organization and syndicalism and... [Item of the Day]
A group of experimental artists and intellectuals establishes the Situationist International during a two-day conference in Italy on July 27-28, 1957. The Situationists belong to an anarchist... [Item of the Day]
"Bullets pass, Mussolini stays", announced Mussolini after escaping from an attack in September 1926. On 31 October of that same year there was another attempt on his life in Bologna, and once again... [Item of the Day]
As an anarchist, José Ester Borras (1913-1980) fled from Spain to France. There he was active in the underground during the Second World War. Arrested by the Gestapo on 30 October 1943, he was... [Item of the Day]
In 1935 collector Max Nettlau sold his anarchist papers to the IISH. In well-informed circles, Max Nettlau was known as the 'Herodotus of Anarchy', the first and greatest historian of the anarchist... [Item of the Day]
The Provos, Amsterdam anarchists, became widely known for their protests against the monarchy: including smoke bombs on Princess Beatrix’s and Claus von Amsberg’s wedding day, 10 March 1966. The... [Item of the Day]
In February 1894 a bomb placed by an anarchist in Paris created an enormous fear of anarchism. This was the background for summoning the anarchist Jean Grave to court on 26 February. Grave was... [Item of the Day]