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Together with the Lausanne conference of the First International, a conference of the League for Peace and Liberty was hold at Geneva in the same month. This 'bourgeois' and pacifist meeting in... [Item of the Day]
The Mexican anarchist periodical Regeneración number 1, volume 1, April 1, 1937, harks back to an earlier magazine with a similar title and outlook. A Regeneración founded by the famous brothers... [Item of the Day]
Anarchists in Catalonia in 1881 founded the satirical magazine La Tramontana, named after a local wind. This wind, according to the picture on the masthead, blows away all institutions and... [Item of the Day]
One of China's most famous writers, Li Pei Kan (Li Peigan, 1904-2005), took the name of Pa Chin (Ba Jin), honoring his important mentors, Bakunin and Kropotkin. This is the first page of a letter to... [Item of the Day]
On 14 July 1921 the trial against Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti began in Massachusetts. They were accused of murder in the course of robbery. From the very start it was clear that political... [Item of the Day]
On 11 November 1887 the prison in Illinois was preparing for the execution of Parsons, Spies, Fischer, and Engel, the Haymarket anarchists. The Haymarket Affair started in May 1886 when a mass... [Item of the Day]
Francisco Ferrer Guardia (1859-1909) was a freemason, an atheist and a radical educational reformer who felt affinity with anarchism. On September 8, 1901, he opened La Escuela Moderna [The modern... [Item of the Day]
The American anarchist Emma Goldman was considered already a dangerous woman in the 1890s. She was associated with the attempt on industrialist Henry Frick in 1892 and wanted by the American police.... [Item of the Day]
When it became clear that the Spanish Republicans were losing the Civil War, contacts between the IISH and the anarchist organizations CNT and FAI were established. They hoped to be able to shelter... [Item of the Day]
Many people came to bury Russia's internationally known anarchist Peter Kropotkin on 13 February 1921. The burial committee had convinced the Moscow soviet that the anarchists who were jailed should... [Item of the Day]