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Reading Anarchism is a series of events that examine the anarchist theoretical tradition. Reading Anarchism is part of an extensive art project called Yours in Solidarity in the New Art Space (NASA)... [News]
Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis (1846-1919), Nederlands beroemdste socialist, anarchist, 'us ferlosser'voor de Friezen, heeft behalve een museum en een standbeeld nu ook een monumentale biografie.Jan... [News]
On September 16, 2000, the Institute presented Mikhail Bakunin's Oeuvres complètes on a CD-ROM containing all known texts written by the Russian anarchist in both the original version and, whenever... [News]
Begun in 1997 by Francis Ronsin (University of Burgundy, Dijon, France) and other scholars associated with the Institute of Contemporary History (Dijon), the International Institute of Social History... [Project]
Narratives of anarchist and syndicalist history during the era of the first globalization and imperialism (1870-1930) have overwhelmingly been constructed around a Western European tradition centered... [Publication]
The period from 1898 to 1923 was a particularly dramatic one in Spanish history; it culminated in the violent Barcelona 'labor wars' and was only brought to a close with the coup d'état launched by... [Publication]
Click to see an enlarged picture, additional information and following pages if available Kamf un kemfer  B. Feigenbaum, Vi kumt a yid tsu sotzyalismus?  P. Kropotkin, Gesets un oytoritet  A. Berkman... [Section]
Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) of Austria-Hungary rejected being surrounded by bodyguards. She was stabbed on 10 September 1898 before boarding a boat on Lake Geneva. The offender, Luigi Lucheni,  was... [Item of the Day]
Navigation on the Panama Canal formally commenced on August 15, 1914. Between 1904 and 1914, tens of thousands of labourers from around the world had made their way to the Panamanian Canal Zone.... [Item of the Day]
The immigrant-populated cigar manufacturing town of Ybor City, Tampa, Florida was founded in the 1880s. Circular migration developed between Havana and Ybor City - migration of not only workers but... [Item of the Day]