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In September 2008 the IISH was happy to receive an important addition to its rich archive on the anarchist, Anton Constandse. Constandse's grandson, Paul van der Gaag, donated hundreds of his letters... [Collection highlight]
The Democratic Movement in Russia, 1985-2005 Collection is a personal collection of Aleksandr Ermakov, activist in the democratic and anarchist movements in St. Petersburg from the late 1980s to the... [Collection highlight]
The archive of the British anarchist and publicist Colin Ward (1924-2010) was donated to the IISH in 2010. Colin Ward became acquainted with anarchism during his military service in Glasgow. After... [Collection highlight]
The Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI) started in 1927 as a clandestine organization of Spanish and Portuguese anarchists and it became influential to the powerful Spanish trade Union federation... [Collection highlight]
Reader Report (2001)La actividad militante de Fernando Gómez Peláez, durante el exilio español en Francia, estuvo estrechamente ligada a la dirección de la prensa que la organización... [Collection highlight]
In 2002 the IISH received from Joaquina Dorado in Paris the personal papers of Liberto Sarrau Royes, following his death in 2001. This collection joins a series of archives on prominent figures among... [Collection highlight]
José Peirats Valls was born in Vall d'Uxó in the province of Castellón on 15 March 1908 and died in Burriana near his place of birth on 20 August 1989. Of working-class origins, he started working at... [Collection highlight]
In 2004 the IISH received the personal papers of Ramón Álvarez Palomo (Ramonín), a leader in the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist movement, both in Spain and in exile following the Civil War.Born on 7... [Collection highlight]
On 26 October 1913, José Ester Borrás was born in Berga (province of Barcelona, Spain). He was active in the anarchist youth and trade union movement, fought in the famous Colonna Tierra y Libertad... [Collection highlight]
In 2000 the IISH received nearly two hundred letters that the well-known socialist and anarchist leader Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis (1846-1919) had written to the Twente labour leader Gerrit Bennink... [Collection highlight]