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The funeral of the famous anarchist Peter Kropotkin in Moscow on 13 February 1921 grew into a monumental demonstration. This was the last time the anarchist movement in Russia manifested itself. In... [Image gallery]
In November 1944 the police raided the London offices of Freedom Press, the centre of the anarchist press in England. The police confiscated a typewriter, printed material, including a circular... [Image gallery]
In September 1895 a "very dangerous anarchist woman from New York" was searched by the Amsterdam police.This woman was Emma Goldman (1869-1940), anarchist, advocate of women's and workers' rights as... [Image gallery]
Every revolution has its own songs. In France, the birthplace of revolution, the tradition of protest songs has been strongly developed. La Carmagnole, the song of the French Revolution (composed in... [Image gallery]
A series of bloody assaults by anarchists spread great panic in fin-de-siècle Europe. For the first time in history, they aimed at civilians, alongside monarchs and other authorities. The purpose... [Image gallery]
The IISH is the most important worldwide repository of anarchist records and papers. Indeed, a vast anarchist collection was among the first acquired when the Institute was founded in 1935, when it... [Collection guide]
Fifty years ago in Amsterdam, Provo was born, a youth movement that provoked lawful authorities, the monarchy, and 'the mindless masses' in a playful and imaginative way. In the streets Provo staged... [Collection highlight]
“But I have nearly all your letters since our deportation. There are so many it would take me weeks to find our correspondence from Canada of 1925, '26 and '27.”The famous Russian-American anarchist... [Collection highlight]
In 2013 the collection department of the IISH inventoried the papers of three Spaniards whose personal biographies, although belonging to different generations,  are connected to and colored by the... [Collection highlight]
The IISH owns a large collection on the sixties and seventies in Amsterdam: Provo, Roel van Duijn, Robert Jasper Grootveld, various riots and confrontations with the police during the marriage of... [Collection highlight]