Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Over wat de werkplek vroeger en nu tot een gevaarlijk of veilig oord maaktIn De Burcht is tot en met 4 maart 2001 een tentoonstelling te zien waarin het streven om de werkplek veilig te maken... [Event]
Photos by Frits EisenloeffelIn December 1978 Frits Eisenloeffel travelled to Namibia to report on the elections. The elections were organized by the South African government and intended to favor the... [Image gallery]
The disastrous fires in the Kader Factory (Thailand, 1993) and Zhili Toy Factory (China, 1993), that killed more than 250 workers led to a campaign to improve health and safety rights of workers and... [Collection highlight]
For Dutch people the glass industry in Leerdam is very well known, but strangely enough the knowledge about the history of this industry is only meagre. About 1.5 metres of papers relating to the... [Collection highlight]
Asbestos reveals the effects of globalization from an unusual perspective. The health hazards associated with the use of asbestos are acknowledged throughout the West. Many countries have already... [Collection highlight]
In March 2015, IISH staff members Andreas Admasie, Stefano Bellucci and Marien van der Heijden visited the Bahir Dar Textile Factory in Ethiopia to start a digitization project, a cooperation between... [News]
In 1999, according to data from the European Commission, over half of the 147 million workers in the European Union stated that they were working under high pressure and with tight deadlines. Over... [Item of the Day]
"The lack of job security and the unspeakable working conditions, the constant striving to make ends meet on a miserly commission; the daily perils of driving in congested traffic at the beck and... [Item of the Day]
The plight of the ordinary seaman commanded much attention from the British public in the mid-1870s. Some 20 percent of the nation's seamen died at sea, and in some passages of the coal trade, the... [Item of the Day]
The saltpeter mines in Chili were notorious for  miserable working conditions and labour exploitation. Striking miners occupied a school in the northern city of Iquique for over a week in December... [Item of the Day]