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In the twenties, the Olympic games got their counterpart within the labour movement. Labour Olympiads took place in Frankfurt, Vienna and Antwerp. Workers played soccer, practised gymnastics and ran... [Image gallery]
In Budapest a large exhibition is launched on the official Olympics in Berlin, 1936, and the planned Olimpiada Popular in Barcelona. The latter event was cancelled because of the outbreak of the... [News]
Sport in Nederland is een selectie foto's van Ben van Meerendonk op Flickr. Dutch sport is a selection of photos by Ben van Meerendonk on Flickr. Get the flash player here: [General page]
In1978 Argentina hosted the world champion soccer games. The junta under President Videla had governed for two years. In the Netherlands a boycott action was initiated by the cabaret performers Freek... [Item of the Day]
At the third Olympic games for workers in Antwerp in 1937, the threat of fascism was clearly visible. The communists had always been excluded from the labour Olympiad, but this year for the first... [Item of the Day]