Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Photos by Frits EisenloeffelJournalist Frits Eisenloeffel travelled to Guinea and Cabo Verde in August-September 1981 to report on the developments since independence in 1974.  On the Isle of São... [Image gallery]
The IISH received an important addition to the archive of the Vereniging Gemeenschappelijk Grondbezit [Society for Common Ownership of Land]. The Society had been established in 1901 by the Dutch... [Collection highlight]
Social democracy experienced a dramatic growth in the four decades prior to World War I. In this period, the era of the Second International, orthodox Marxism was the official ideology for most... [Publication]
Roman Catholic Irish were subdued to ethnic cleansing policy by Oliver Cromwell. After his suppression of a rebellion against the English in 1649 he ordered that the Irish were allowed to live west... [Item of the Day]
In 1951 Vinoba Bhave, a follower of Ghandi, started his peace march on foot through the violence-torn region of Telangana (India). On April 18, in a meeting with the villagers at Pochampalli, the... [Item of the Day]