Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Dit is een Engelstalige bijeenkomstRegister via NIOD.1965 marked a turning point in Indonesian history.  A failed putsch on 1 October was followed swiftly by a violent backlash against the Left.... [Event]
From 1-9  October , the IISH organizes a small exhibition on the Indonesian massacres of 1965-1966. The exhibition shows records, books and memoirs from the IISH collection regarding these, still... [Event]
On December 11th, 20.00 hours, Robin Blackburn (Essex University) will hold a keynote lecture “The Invention of Human Rights", at IIRE Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam.This lecture is the keynote for the... [Event]
Het eerste exemplaar van het boek Strafrechthervormers en hemelbestormers. Opkomst en teloorgang van de Coornhert-Liga zal door Hans Smits worden overhandigd aan L.H.C. (Louk) Hulsman,... [Event]
The tourist paradise and the police state may very well go hand and hand. A flourishing tourist sector adds to the economy and the international prestige of a country, political prisoners,... [Image gallery]
The collection In Search of Silenced Voices contains interviews with Indonesian exiles recorded by Hersri Setiawan and deposited at the IISH. Hersri (born in Yogyakarta in 1936) studied sociology at... [Image gallery]
IISH Staff member Eef Vermeij, co-ordinator of the Asia department, pictured various protest demonstrations in Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia, Nepal, and the Philippines in the years 2004-2007.A... [Image gallery]
In connection with World Press Freedom Day, the IISH wishes to call attention to Jacob Andries Brandsteder's (1887-1986) forced departure from the Dutch East Indies in 1919. He had to leave the... [Image gallery]
...any citizen of any country should have under any circumstances at any time the possibility of expressing any opinion'. Karel van het Reve, 1969When censorship and repression made life for... [Image gallery]
“Taporal” is an extensive oral history project about former political prisoners (tapols) in Indonesia. After the 1965 coup in Indonesia, tens of thousands were imprisoned for communist or leftist... [Collection highlight]