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SeminarThe Dark Side of DemocratizationDemocratisation in Indonesia and the Philippines comes with several problems. First, democratisation - and elections in particular - often comes with an... [Event]
On April 5 2004, five years after the elections in 1999, Indonesia elected a new parliament and new regional councils. For about 147 million Indonesians qualified to vote this was the first time they... [Image gallery]
Photos by Frits EisenloeffelIn December 1978 Frits Eisenloeffel travelled to Namibia to report on the elections. The elections were organized by the South African government and intended to favor the... [Image gallery]
On the occasion of the elections for the European parliament in 2004 the IISH presented a sample of ten posters on earlier elections, from the IISH collections. Ten European Elections PostersMore... [Image gallery]
Photos by Frits EisenloeffelJournalist Frits Eisenloeffel travelled through Senegal in February-March 1978, following the national elections. The pictures on this page show a political rally in Dakar... [Image gallery]
 De commissie Depla presenteerde op 20 juni 2017 een rapport over de oorzaken van de historische verkiezingsnederlaag van de PvdA bij de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen van 15 maart 2017. De partij verloor... [News]
The IISH has started an extensive project to document the tumultuous presidential elections in Iran in June 2009.Thousands of photographs, videos, films, leaflets, posters, and weblogs have been made... [News]
On 27 April 1994, South Africa held its first democratic multiracial general elections, with more than 22 million citizens voting. Nelson Mandela's African National Congress won 62.5 percent of the... [Item of the Day]
It was rumoured that President Zia ul-Haq of Pakistan was warned that he would die on 8/8/88. When nothing happened on that day, he seemed to be happy and triumphant. Nevertheless, nine days later... [Item of the Day]
The Republican Convention on 23 August 1972 chose President Richard Nixon as presidential candidate. Nixon thereupon campaigned against the candidate of the Democrats, George McGovern. The main... [Item of the Day]