Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Three Dutch schoolteachers took a research trip to Soviet Russia in May 1921 and took many pictures.As communists they were mainly interested in the experimental United Labour Schools (Edinaya... [Image gallery]
Beroemd en gevierd tijdens zijn leven, vergeten na zijn dood - de naam Athanasius Kircher zegt tegenwoordig maar weinig mensen iets. In de zeventiende eeuw was dat anders. Athanasius Kircher werd... [Image gallery]
Posrednik and Svobodnoe SlovoThose who were not, like the Narodniki, directly concerned with spurring the Russian people to revolution and resistance, but rather simply desired to travel the steady... [Collection highlight]
Letters from a Javanese princessPrincess Kaïda was born on 11 December 1893 as the daughter of the Javanese prince Notodirodjo. Notodirodjo allowed all his children, boys and girls, to attend... [Collection highlight]
On Friday 11 January 2013, Daniela Hooghiemstra defended her dissertation De geest in dit huis is liefderijk. Het leven en De Werkplaats van Kees Boeke (1884-1966) at Amsterdam University.Her... [News]
Vrouwen in de Lage Landen stonden vanaf de Late Middeleeuwen tot ongeveer 1800 aan de wereldtop qua rekenvaardigheid. De onderzoekers Tine de Moor en Jan Luiten van Zanden van de Universiteit Utrecht... [News]
Apprenticeship or vocational training is a subject of lively debate. Economic historians tend to see apprenticeship as a purely economic phenomenon, as an ‘incomplete contract’ in need of legal and... [Publication]
In May 1921 an Amsterdam schoolteacher, Jan Ceton, went to Soviet Russia to carry out research. As a communist, Ceton was interested mainly in the experimental United Labour Schools (edinaya... [Item of the Day]
Workers’ dwellings seldom, if ever, had a bathroom. At the beginning of the twentieth century, public bathhouses were therefore established in all major Dutch towns.Once a week, school classes went... [Item of the Day]
South Africa's school system reflected the apartheid policy. During the 1970s and 80s many student strikes, boycotts, and violent actions expressed opposition to the educational system. In June 1976... [Item of the Day]