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Vereniging Gemeenschappelijk Grondbezit (GGB) [Association for Communal Land Ownership] was founded by the Dutch writer and pioneer Frederik van Eeden in 1901. Its aim was to promote communal... [Collection highlight]
The IISH received an important addition to the archive of the Vereniging Gemeenschappelijk Grondbezit [Society for Common Ownership of Land]. The Society had been established in 1901 by the Dutch... [Collection highlight]
In the late nineteenth century in a number of continental European countries Christian associations of workers arose: Christian trade unions, workers' cooperatives, political leagues, workers' youth... [Publication]
A successful social experiment during the industrial revolution took place in Guise in the north of France. Between 1856 and 1883 Jean-Baptiste Godin (1817-1888), an adherent of Charles Fourier,... [Item of the Day]
July 3 1863 was the founding date of the Co-operative Wholesale Society in Manchester. The roots of the co-operative movement are in England. In 1844 seven weavers founded the Rochdale Equitable Co-... [Item of the Day]
Robert Owen was the "father" of the Co-operative movement. One of his creations in 1832 was the National Equitable Labour Exchange. This was a mutual exchange system for workers' products and... [Item of the Day]
As one of the first Dutch entrepreneurs who also cared about the social welfare of his employees, Van Marken studied foreign examples of socially responsible housing. In 1882 he bought land behind... [Item of the Day]