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In December 2012 the IISH received the papers of Mirjam Glaser (Kaiserlautern, 1958) from Frankfurt am Main. In the politicized Frankfurt of the 1980s, Glaser was active in an "anti-imperialist... [Collection highlight]
Political terrorism was an important weapon in the struggle for the socialist-revolutionaries. This harked back to the tradition of the populists (narodniki): revolutionary cells, which during the... [Section]
Stepan Balmashev (1881-1902), son of a political exile from Arkhangelsk, got radicalised as a student at the University of Kiev.On 15 April 1902 he committed the first terrorist attack of the Russian... [Item of the Day]
The German chancellor Bismarck was only slightly wounded in an attempt to murder him in Bad Kissingen on 13 July 1874. The offender belonged to the Catholic political wing. The man committed his... [Item of the Day]
In 1977 the members of the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF, Red Army Faction) are detained in the Stammheim Prison, and face a life sentence. In October a group of Palestinians comes to their support. They... [Item of the Day]
In February 1894 a bomb placed by an anarchist in Paris created an enormous fear of anarchism. This was the background for summoning the anarchist Jean Grave to court on 26 February. Grave was... [Item of the Day]