Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Uitgeverij VanTilt en het IISG nodigen u uit voor de presentatie van Het communistisch manifest, vertaald door Hans Driessen.In slechts twee maanden schreven Karl Marx en Friedrich Engels Het... [Event]
Boekpresentatie ‘Deutsche Volksfront 1932-1939. Zwischen Berlin, Paris, Prag und Moskau’dr. Ursula Langkau-Alex In drie delen, verschenen in het najaar van 2004, beschrijft Ursula Langkau-Alex de... [Event]
BackgroundFollowing an aborted coup attempt in October 1965, the Indonesian military organized what turned out to be one of the most horrifying massacres of the twentieth century. More than half a... [Event]
The conference brought together specialists on Russian and Soviet labour history from North America, Western and Eastern Europe, representing the 'state of the art' of current research in the... [Event]
The Chinese people's movement started as a demonstration by Beijing University students in April 1989, and in seven weeks grew into a massive protest that impressed and shook the world. Fortunately,... [Image gallery]
It took Marx and Engels six weeks to write the Communist Manifesto, since, by the end of December 1847, the London Bildungsgesellschaft für Arbeiter officially asked them to develop its political... [Image gallery]
Although tens of millions of this publication were distributed in China and its contents had to be known by heart, the name of 'little red book' doesn't seem familiar to the Chinese. This name for... [Image gallery]
Lenin and his followers always had a supreme understanding of the power of images. Only a few months after they came to power in October 1917, the Bolsheviks began to choose new symbols to engrave on... [Image gallery]
 On 2 August 1933, the 'White Sea-Baltic Canal in the name of Stalin' was officially opened. In Russian the canal is called the Belomorsko-baltiysky kanal, or shortened to 'Belomorkanal'. It is a... [Image gallery]
De Koude Oorlog en de strijd in Vietnam hebben een enorme hoeveelheid propaganda-posters opgeleverd. China, Sovjet-Rusland en Cuba, de communistische landen die Noord-Vietnam steunden, stelden de... [Image gallery]