Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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A group of experimental artists and intellectuals establishes the Situationist International during a two-day conference in Italy on July 27-28, 1957. The Situationists belong to an anarchist... [Item of the Day]
The Italian crime fighter and socialist Enrico Ferri (1856-1929) was known as the 'Scourge of the Camorra'. Ferri was one of the founders of modern criminology. He rejected a legal system based on... [Item of the Day]
"Bullets pass, Mussolini stays", announced Mussolini after escaping from an attack in September 1926. On 31 October of that same year there was another attempt on his life in Bologna, and once again... [Item of the Day]
In the sixties provos and beatniks caused trouble in Milan. In 1965, following a pilgrimage to Amsterdam, Melchiore Gembino founded the paper "Mondo Beat." The newspaper's office became a center of... [Item of the Day]
In the summer of 1935 the Italian dictator Mussolini starts preparations for the capture of Ethiopia (Abyssinia) by concentrating his troops on the border of Eritrea. He wants to play a full role in... [Item of the Day]
By the end of the 19th century the idea was launched to make the first of May a day to fight for the eight-hour day in both the American and the European labour movements.The Italian Postal Services... [Item of the Day]