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From the diary of Poncke Princen, a Dutchman who was detained for deserting the Dutch army during the colonial war in Indonesia:"Today was not as bad as expected. The Christian Men's Choir from... [Item of the Day]
"Better to the hell than to be colonized again" was painted on a streetcar in Jakarta on 17 August 1945. This is the day of the Proclamasi, the day Sukarno plants the red and white flag in front of... [Item of the Day]
Since 1962 the former Dutch colony of West Papua was under UN protection. In fact, Indonesia ruled it and had no compassion whatever for the Papuan independence movement. UN diplomats carried out... [Item of the Day]
During Habibie's short presidency free elections were again held in Indonesia on June 7 1999, with 48 parties participating. The elections received massive media attention, nationally and... [Item of the Day]
On 20 July 1947 in Indonesia political activists are arrested and imprisoned by the Dutch Army. On this day the Dutch government denounced the Lingaddjati treaty (1946) that provided for a gradual... [Item of the Day]
10 November was known as Hari Pahlawan in Indonesia, the day of the heroes. On this day a victory over the Dutch occupying force in Surabaya was commemorated. In the mid 1970s people had to endure... [Item of the Day]