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Background and aimThe `First Conference on Indonesia's Modern Economic History, 1815-1990' was held at the Indonesian Academy of Sciences in Jakarta on 1-4 October 1991 (for proceedings see Lindblad... [Event]
The first socialist ever to set foot ashore the Dutch East Indies was Henri Hubertus van Kol (1852-1925). In 1876 Van Kol, who had been an early member of the First International, started his career... [Image gallery]
During the summer of 2001 the publicist and journalist Herman Keppy discovered two steamer trunks in a fully stacked room in the Dutch town of Alkmaar. The trunks contained the photo collection and... [Image gallery]
On April 5 2004, five years after the elections in 1999, Indonesia elected a new parliament and new regional councils. For about 147 million Indonesians qualified to vote this was the first time they... [Image gallery]
The collection In Search of Silenced Voices contains interviews with Indonesian exiles recorded by Hersri Setiawan and deposited at the IISH. Hersri (born in Yogyakarta in 1936) studied sociology at... [Image gallery]
"I do not admire the practices of Western democracies, but I do hope that the spirit of democracy will win in the end." Mohammad Hatta, leader of the Indonesian nationalists and first vice president... [Image gallery]
In the late 1940s (following World War II) Henk van Randwijk (journalist and editor-in-chief of the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland) and his fellow war-resistance fighter Cees de Koning (director of Vrij... [Image gallery]
In connection with World Press Freedom Day, the IISH wishes to call attention to Jacob Andries Brandsteder's (1887-1986) forced departure from the Dutch East Indies in 1919. He had to leave the... [Image gallery]
In 2002 the IISH Asia Department acquired a collection of 28 Indonesian posters created by Taring Padi, a group of Indonesian artists from Yogyakarta, Java.Since 1998 a group of young Indonesian... [Image gallery]
Not long ago, the eastern border of the Netherlands was to be found in New Guinea, the country of the Papuans, at a longitude of 141o east and a latitude just south of the equator.Officially, it did... [Collection highlight]