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In recognition of his rich, pioneering and long-term academic contributions to the field of Iranian research and studies and his long standing and enduring friendship to the International Institute... [News]
In December 2005, the collections of the Centre for Iranian Documentation and Research (CIDR) in Paris were moved to the IISH. The CIDR collections are essential for research on the history of the... [News]
The IISH has started an extensive project to document the tumultuous presidential elections in Iran in June 2009.Thousands of photographs, videos, films, leaflets, posters, and weblogs have been made... [News]
As the world's most important source of energy, the Middle East has emerged as the key to the stability of global economy. With over 9% of the globe's oil reserves and 15%-17% of worldwide reserves... [Project]
In 1908 the first oil in the Middle East was discovered in in southwest Persia, after which the Anglo-Persian (later Anglo-Iranian) Oil Company, a predecessor of BP, was established on 14 April 1909... [Item of the Day]
The invasion of Iran by the Iraqi army in 1980 was the start of a nine-year war between the two countries. It took the Khomeini government two years to strengthen its army and begin a major counter-... [Item of the Day]
On 30 May 1926, the congress of the International Alliance for Women's Suffrage met. For the first time a representative from Iran was present: Sadique Dowlatabadi (1882-1962). Dowlatabadi, a former... [Item of the Day]
At least 50,000 Iranian migrants, mostly Persian speakers from Azerbaijan and Turkish speakers from Northern Iran, lived in Baku and its suburbs between 1910 and1920. Strong Pan-Turkist waves and the... [Item of the Day]
In 1999 students in Tehran launched a campaign for political freedom. At first this centred on freedom of press, as the government had just closed a reformist newspaper. Some 200 students staged a... [Item of the Day]