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Organ-e markezi Sazman-e Charikha-ye Feda'i-ye Khalq-e IranThe first issue of Kar as the Central Organ of Sazman-e Charikha-ye Feda'i-ye Khalq-e Iran (Organization of the Iranian People's Feda'i... [Collection highlight]
At the outbreak of World War II, Iran declared its neutrality. However, when the German armed forces invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the Allies needed to transport war material across Iran to the... [Collection highlight]
Sédighé Dolatabadi (Sadiqeh Dowlatabadi), daughter of Haj Mirza Hadi Dolatabadi was one of the vanguards of the women's movement in Iran. She was born in 1882 in Isfahan. She began her education in... [Collection highlight]
The International Institute for Social History has received a collection of letters from Iranian researchers, writers, and poets living outside Iran, together with unpublished writings that have not... [Collection highlight]
In Framer Framed an exhibition on Sadiqe Dowlatabadi, 'Iran’s Women’s Movement: On the Archive of Sadiqe Dowlatabadi', is on display from February 7th until March 8th.The IISH gave the Sadiq... [News]
IISH Senior Researcher Touraj Atabaki has been elected as the President of the International Society of Iranian Studies (2014-2016).The International Society for Iranian Studies, with over 750... [News]
Dr Siagzar Berelian recently donated a rich collection of archive and library materials regarding the social and political history of Iran 1960-2000.Dr Berelian is an established political activist... [News]
IISH PhD fellow Peyman Jafari has received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to conduct part of his research at the Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies department of Columbia... [News]
The Dr Sadiqi Research Fund was established with generous support from the Centre for Iranian Documentation and Research (CIDR) at the International Institute of Social history (IISH). This Fund... [News]
The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) awarded a grant of € 530.000 to launch a grand project on the social history of Labour in the Iranian Oil Industry. The NWO award enables a... [News]