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1933, March 7, member of Parliament Paul Hertz was provided with a public transport pass for Berlin and surroundings. He did not use it for long. Shortly afterwards he was forced to immigrate to... [Item of the Day]
During an official reception of the Hessian Parliament in Wiesbaden, 3 August 1983, the American general Paul Williams was sprayed with blood. The culprit, Frank Schwalba-Hoth (*1953), was a member... [Item of the Day]
Neues Deutschland, the newspaper of the East German communist party, is full of official announcements on 13 August 1961. It has been decided to "introduce a system at the West Berlin border to... [Item of the Day]
In 1859 the German Kaiser Wilhelm II was delivered by forceps. As a result, his left arm was twisted. His tutors tried to remedy this in a very harsh way: they forced the child into a corset and... [Item of the Day]
Sturm und Drang marked the life of Ferdinand Lassalle. Born in 1825 in Eastern Prussia as Ferdinand Lasal, he changed his name to one that sounded less Jewish and more like a revolutionary French... [Item of the Day]
In February 1933, shortly after Hitler came to power, the unemployed Dutch council communist Rinus van der Lubbe went to Berlin for a couple of weeks. On 25 February he committed arson in a centre... [Item of the Day]
In January 1935 the German Nazis generated an avalanche of propaganda in the Saarland. Since the Versailles Peace Treaty (1919) Saarland was administered by the League of Nations. In a referendum on... [Item of the Day]
In the aftermath of the First World War there was an insurrection in Munich headed by the leader of the Bavarian Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (USPD), Kurt Eisner. Eisner... [Item of the Day]
Rosa Luxemburg, imprisoned in the Breslau penitentiary, was able to continue working on her herbarium. Her secretary Mathilde Jacob, the only one able to visit her in prison, brought along the plants... [Item of the Day]
In 1977 the members of the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF, Red Army Faction) are detained in the Stammheim Prison, and face a life sentence. In October a group of Palestinians comes to their support. They... [Item of the Day]