Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The Institute holds several records that relate to the Kautsky family. First, the papers of  Karl Kautsky (1854-1938), writer and theorist in the area of the labour movement and Marxism. In these... [Collection highlight]
By the summer of 1935, the virgin IISH asked prominent socialists to write their political memoirs. Paul Frölich, who co-founded the German Communist Party KPD in 1919, was one of them. His memoirs... [Collection highlight]
Eight letters from Rosa Luxemburg have recently emerged from an addition to the archive of Sozialistische Monatshefte, sent to the IISH from the Bundesarchiv Berlin.Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919), born... [Collection highlight]
In December 2012 the IISH received the papers of Mirjam Glaser (Kaiserlautern, 1958) from Frankfurt am Main. In the politicized Frankfurt of the 1980s, Glaser was active in an "anti-imperialist... [Collection highlight]
During the Second World War the archive of Sozialistische Monatshefte, in the possession of the IISH since 1939, was seized by the German occupation army and transported eastward. It fell into the... [Collection highlight]
In the beginning of 2012 the IISH received an important supplement to the papers of Wolfgang Abendroth. For many years Abendroth was a professor of political science at the University of Marburg in... [Collection highlight]
After having completed his military service with the rank of lieutenant, Kurt Steinhaus (1938 Stettin-1991 Heidelberg) studied economy in Hamburg and sociology and political science in Marburg am... [Collection highlight]
From Berlin the IISH received a typescript of more than 200 pages by Leopold Grünwald. Grünwald, born in 1901, was a Sudeten German of Jewish descent. Around 1930 he was secretary of the... [Collection highlight]
In January 2010, the IISH received a small but interesting archive from Hazel Elfriede Rosenstrauch. Rosenstrauch (born in London in 1945) grew up in Vienna. As a student in Berlin, she was involved... [Collection highlight]
Am 3. August 1983 kam es während eines Empfangs im Hessischen Landtag in Wiesbaden für die Kommandeure der in Hessen stationierten US-Streitkräfte zu einer Protestaktion, bei der Frank Schwalba-Hoth... [Collection highlight]