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In 1955 Nazim Hikmet, the Turkish communist and poet, stayed in Budapest at the invitation of the Turkish Service of Radio Budapest. He started a series of radio broadcasts on political and literary... [Item of the Day]
The satirical Turkish paper Aydede (Father moon) began to appear in 1922, with Refik Halid Karay as chief editor. It called itself a "really independent political and entertaining newspaper". The... [Item of the Day]
In the 40s, Turkey experimented with elevating the education level in the countryside. `Village institutes' (Köy enstitüleri) were founded according to the ideas of philosopher-educator John Dewey,... [Item of the Day]
On May 6, 1972, the radical Turkish student leader Deniz Gezmiş was hanged. The 26-year-old political scientist, who was called Turkey's Che Guevara, had been the leader of the occupation of Istanbul... [Item of the Day]