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The sole remaining archive of a respectable size of the Spanish Civil War is housed at the IISH. It concerns the papers of the anarchist trade union CNT/FAI (1934-1939), that had a large following.... [News]
80 years ago, the Spanish Civil War started. Approximately seven hundred Dutch young men - and a single girl - left for Spain in the period '36 -'38 to help the endangered Spanish Republic.On the new... [News]
About 800 Dutch volunteers, communists, anarchists and social democrats were active in Spain during the Civil War (1936-1939). They joined the International Brigades to support the fight against... [News]
Nach wie vor schlummern in Moskauer Archiven viele unbekannte Dokumente. Eine Reihe von ihnen hat Frank Schauff erstmals systematisch mit dem Ziel ausgewertet, die Rolle der Kommunistischen... [Publication]
Focusing on organization, resistance and political culture, this collection represents some of the best examples of recent Spanish historiography in the field of modern Spanish labor movements.Topics... [Publication]
The period from 1898 to 1923 was a particularly dramatic one in Spanish history; it culminated in the violent Barcelona 'labor wars' and was only brought to a close with the coup d'état launched by... [Publication]
Published for the Section of Business and Labour Archives of the International Council on Archives [Publication]
"Antwerp, 17 July 1938Dear parents, brothers and sisters, please forgive me, but I will have arrived in Spain by the time you receive this letter. It was too bad that I had to leave without a word,... [Item of the Day]
As of 1854, a crisis in the silk industry due to competition from Lyon and a disease among the silkworms affected the city of Valencia badly. Many silk workers lived at the verge of vagrancy or at... [Item of the Day]
Anarchists in Catalonia in 1881 founded the satirical magazine La Tramontana, named after a local wind. This wind, according to the picture on the masthead, blows away all institutions and... [Item of the Day]