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Historiography about the post-1939 Spanish diaspora usually describes in detail the fates of those handed over to the Nazis by the French authorities and brought to sinister places such as Mauthausen... [Collection highlight]
Reader Report (2001)La actividad militante de Fernando Gómez Peláez, durante el exilio español en Francia, estuvo estrechamente ligada a la dirección de la prensa que la organización... [Collection highlight]
In 2002 the IISH received from Joaquina Dorado in Paris the personal papers of Liberto Sarrau Royes, following his death in 2001. This collection joins a series of archives on prominent figures among... [Collection highlight]
José Peirats Valls was born in Vall d'Uxó in the province of Castellón on 15 March 1908 and died in Burriana near his place of birth on 20 August 1989. Of working-class origins, he started working at... [Collection highlight]
In 2004 the IISH received the personal papers of Ramón Álvarez Palomo (Ramonín), a leader in the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist movement, both in Spain and in exile following the Civil War.Born on 7... [Collection highlight]
Reader Report (2002)El Instituto Internacional de Historia Social de Amsterdam acoge el archivo de José Martínez Guerricabeitia (Valencia 1921-Madrid 1986), director de la editorial Ruedo Ibérico (... [Collection highlight]
On 26 October 1913, José Ester Borrás was born in Berga (province of Barcelona, Spain). He was active in the anarchist youth and trade union movement, fought in the famous Colonna Tierra y Libertad... [Collection highlight]
When Spain's post-war industrialization took off in the fifties, it drew millions of young workers from the countryside to the industrial areas of Basque Country, Catalonia and Madrid. In general... [Collection highlight]
by Almudena RubioManuel Tabuenca Gutierrez is the son of CNT member Manuel Tabuenca Peña (Zaragoza, 1913- Mexico 1980). He was just 12 years old when the social revolution erupted in Barcelona in... [News]
 A revealing document located among the records of the Confederación Nacional de Trabajadores (CNT) clarifies why Buenaventura Durruti (Léon, 14 July 1896 – Madrid, 20 November 1936) agreed to move... [News]