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After years of discussion and consideration, the Dutch diamond workers union ANDB and the employers agreed upon a general week's holiday in August 1910. The diamond industry in Amsterdam was closed... [Image gallery]
Gypsy life is highly imaginative. Gypsies are generally portrayed as lazy and unreliable: they live by begging and poaching, stealing chickens and robbing children. But the stereotype of the gypsy is... [Image gallery]
As soon as the First World War started, thousands of refugees poured into Holland. Belgian civilians, British marines, German deserters, and Russians escaped from German POW camps were sheltered... [Image gallery]
The first issue of PROVO (Amsterdam, 12 July 1965) featured traditional anarchist ideology and recipes for homemade dynamite and other explosives. Provo was an anarchist youth movement in Amsterdam... [Image gallery]
A selection of nine prints from the collections of IISH and Press Museum from the birth of the heir to the throne to the threats of the monarchy.  View the selection of the nine prints. [Image gallery]
The IISH has a unique collection of designs by the Dutch artist W.A. van de Walle for stained glass windows in trade union buildings. These designs, which date from 1927-1940, are executed full size... [Image gallery]
Over 750 works about vegetarianism and natural medicine, the complete lending library of the Nederlandsche Vegetariërsbond [Dutch league of vegetarians] (NVB) are now integrally available at the IISH... [Image gallery]
Manufacturer J.C. van Marken was one of the first Dutch entrepreneurs who took care of the social welfare of his employees. This photo album from the archive of Jules Prudhommeaux shows pictures of... [Image gallery]
The early Dutch trade unions spent a great deal of money on their business cards. That was a banner, a costly jewel of velvet, silk, or satin with gold wire. It was a matter of prestige for local... [Image gallery]
At midsummer, when the cucumbers are ripe, there is nothing much to report in the media. 'Cucumber time' ('silly season') inspired Dutch cartoonists of different backgrounds. Click here for a... [Image gallery]