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Posters are important as visual chronicles of history.In Bangladesh, a country with an extremely volatile recent past, posters can be seen everywhere but they are rarely preserved.This is why the... [News]
Shahriar Kabir, the IISH representative in Bangladesh who was one of around 40 opposition activists arrested on December 8 following bomb blasts in the northern town of Mymensingh, was released from... [News]
The detention of Shahriar Kabir, the IISH representative in Bangladesh, was declared "illegal" by the country's High Court, according to the Daily Star of January 13. "The court order, however, would... [News]
Bangladesh is the world's eighth most populous country. It has more inhabitants than either Russia or Japan, and its national language, Bengali, ranks sixth in the world in terms of native speakers.... [Publication]
In Dhaka, Bangladesh, a commercial building with five garment factories operating inside collapsed. After days of searching, death toll ended at 1129. In the aftermath, pope Franciscus spoke out... [Item of the Day]
Many women in Bangladesh are exposed to domestic violence. In the worst case they become victims of an acid attack in the face. The throwing of acid is meant to maim and socially isolate them. [Item of the Day]
Bangladesh was governed by Pakistan from 1947 to 1971. As a consequence, Urdu was the only recognized language. Bangla, the language of the Bengalis, was forbidden. During a protest demonstration by... [Item of the Day]