Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Charles Darwin's On the origin of Species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life first appeared on 24 November 1859 and was sold out that very... [Item of the Day]
Robert Owen was the "father" of the Co-operative movement. One of his creations in 1832 was the National Equitable Labour Exchange. This was a mutual exchange system for workers' products and... [Item of the Day]
The first successful implant of monkey testicles in a man dates from 1920. A French doctor of Russian descent, Serge Voronoff, performed the operation. By 1930, some 500 men could be found in France... [Item of the Day]
At the end of the 60s the Catholics in Northern Ireland increasingly revolted against Protestant domination. The tensions came to a head at the Orange march in Londonderry in August 1969. Following... [Item of the Day]
Britain's most bitter industrial dispute of recent times started with the announcement that a Yorkshire pit at Cortonwood was to close. On 5 March 1984 miners all over Yorkshire walked out. The next... [Item of the Day]
The Daily Graphic was a lively daily with solid political news reports as well as 'tear jerkers.' A case in the divorce court drew a great deal of attention on 18 February 1895.An English merchant... [Item of the Day]
Coarse linen was spun and woven by female country workers in Forfarshire, Scotland, during the 19th century. This became a fast-growing trade. On May 24, 1838, one of the weavers, Elizabeth Peter,... [Item of the Day]
The release of 'Never mind the Bollocks', the new album of the Sex Pistols, was hot news in November 1977. And not only because of its provocative music. On 5 November 1977 a manager of a record shop... [Item of the Day]