Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Almost a thousand Japanese immigrant workers arrived monthly in California in the early 1900's.  Tension grew over the Japanese as it was feared they would depress wages. A 'Gentlemen’s Agreement'... [Item of the Day]
Four Irish-American seafarers from Marblehead, Massachusetts, were homeward bound on board the Pitt Packet, a brig with a load of salt. On 22 April 1769, just outside Marblehead harbour, the Pitt was... [Item of the Day]
Two African and one Indian slave killed a farm family of seven whites in Newton, Long Island, N.Y. on 28 February 1708. The perpetrators were hanged, a black woman was burned. Some historians claim... [Item of the Day]
The Mollie Maguires were a secret organization of Irish-American coal miners in Pennsylvania, named for an Irish widow who had led anti-landlord agitators in Ireland. They agitated against  the... [Item of the Day]
Elizabeth Keckley began working at the White House on 5 March 1861 as the personal dresser and modiste of the First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln.Keckley was born a slave in Virginia, 1818.  She collected... [Item of the Day]
The Seattle General Strike of 1919 lasted from February 6 to February 11, 1919 and started with a work stoppage of the shipyard workers. After two years of wage controls due to World War I, they now... [Item of the Day]
Rotterdam in the 17th and 18th centuries was a principal port of departure for transmigrants to America. Typically they came from the Rhineland and their goal often was Pennsylvania, the colony that... [Item of the Day]
President Lincoln declared slavery in the Confederate States unlawful on 1 January 1861. Slaves were freed at the stroke of a pen. After the abolition of slavery, most ex-slaves opted for production... [Item of the Day]
The second edition of the Chicago World Fair opened on 26 May 1934. The impressive building of the Kohler Sanitation Company was designed by Ely Jacques Kahn and had a long gallery that displayed... [Item of the Day]
On "Bloody Friday", July 20,1934, 67 striking truckdrivers and their supporters were shot by Minneapolis police.  In 'Striking Deaths, Lethal Contestation and the 'Exceptional' character of the... [Item of the Day]