Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Bas-relief on the triumphal arch of Constantine the Great (315 CE) in Rome with the representation of a coin distribution scene or congiarium. The coins falling out of the wooden (?) counting device... [Collection item]
Marlisa den Hartog won gisteravond de Volkskrant-IISG Scriptieprijs voor Geschiedenis 2016 voor haar scriptie The Pleasure that is taken in bed, waarin zij de wereld  van seksuele verlangens, daden... [News]
Memories of Belonging is a three-generation oral-history study of the offspring of southern Italians who migrated to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1913.Supplemented with the interviewees’ private... [Publication]
In Venice the guilds marched in a huge procession for the new doge, Lorenzo Tiepolo, on 23 July 1268. For artisans, processions were opportunities to demonstrate craftsmanship and advertise... [Item of the Day]
In the nineteenth century chimney sweeps formed the largest group of Italian migrants in the Netherlands. They came from Piemonte and Ticino, provinces on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Almost... [Item of the Day]
The terrazzo worker specializes in the construction of tile floors. Small pieces of granite, limestone or marble are mixed with cement and scattered on a supporting floor of sand and cement in a... [Item of the Day]
'Naples, December 1765. The populousness of Naples is so remarkable that a stranger, the first time he passes through some parts of the city, would imagine the people were assembled in the streets on... [Item of the Day]
The construction of the Suez Canal required large numbers of Italian workers before being completed on 17 November 1869. That anarchism first appeared in Egypt among these Italian immigrant labourers... [Item of the Day]
On 5 December 1585, La Piazza Universale di tutte le Professione del Mondo (the Universal Workplace of all the Professions in the World) by Tomaso Garzoni was published. In this classification of 540... [Item of the Day]
The Italian leftist daily Lotta Continua covers the official celebration on the death of Aldo Moro on May 13, 1978. After 55 days of incarceration the leader of the Christian-democrats was executed... [Item of the Day]