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Azerbaijan Joz'-e La- Yanfak-e Iran or Azerbaijan, an Inseparable Part of Iran is the 'first publication of Iranians residing in the Caucasus'.(1) This newspaper was published mostly in the... [Collection highlight]
In cooperation with the BBC World Service the IISH has started to record the oral history of the Caucasus in the period 1988-1991. The project plans to explore the last days of Gorbachev and the... [Collection highlight]
On 11 June 2014 a Memorandum of Understanding  was signed by the IISH and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences  on the “necessity of developing international relations, in view of the common... [News]
In April 1920 the Soviet Red Army occupied Azerbaijan. The Communist International decided to hold a 'Congress of the Peoples of the East' in Baku to support the revolution in Central Asia. On 1... [Item of the Day]
At least 50,000 Iranian migrants, mostly Persian speakers from Azerbaijan and Turkish speakers from Northern Iran, lived in Baku and its suburbs between 1910 and1920. Strong Pan-Turkist waves and the... [Item of the Day]
Stalins new Constitution in 1936 made Azerbaijan a separate soviet republic. In 1922 it had been forged together with Georgia and Armenia to one megarepublic Trancaucasia. Posters from the republics... [Item of the Day]