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15.00 uur Ellen de Vries en uitgeverij WalburgPers nodigen u graag uit voor de boekpresentatie Mediastrijd om Suriname. Van mythemakers tot nieuwsverduisteraars op vrijdag 9 juni 2017 in het IISG in... [Event]
In 1683 the Suriname Society, a subsidiary of the Dutch West India Company and the City of Amsterdam,* was established to develop the new overseas colony of Suriname. The Society sent a varied... [Collection highlight]
Each year, on behalf of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, the colonial authorities in Suriname prepared a report on the ‘state of the nation’. In these annual reports, Suriname’s infrastructure was... [Collection highlight]
Since the IISH has only little original archival material about the former Dutch colony of Suriname, an unexpected acquisition of the papers of Bert Nelemans is particularly welcome. They were... [Collection highlight]
Afscheidsfoto gemaakt in 's Lands Hospitaal (Paramaribo) in februari 1957 van de eerste door het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis Maasoord in Poortugaal geworven groep leerling-verpleegsters. Van links naar... [Collection item]
On 25 November, Suriname celebrates 40 years of independence from the Netherlands.The Suriname-Dutch relationship dates from the 17th century.It is an awkward story of colonisation, slavery and... [News]
Emotions ran high when a monument in honour of Anton de Kom was unveiled in Amsterdam. The Surinamese Anton de Kom (1898-1945) was a communist resistance fighter and the author of a book, Wij slaven... [Item of the Day]
The Suriname Society  was established in Amsterdam on 21 May 1683 to develop the new overseas colony of Suriname. The Society sent a varied assembly of goods and people to the colony, including... [Item of the Day]
After the abolition of slavery on 1 July 1863, former slaves of Surinam were supposed to continue working on their plantation for a period of ten years, in return for a miserable wage. This... [Item of the Day]
An employee of the Dutch West India Company located at Elmina (now South Ghana) reported on this day: 'We are of the opinion that it might be profitable to take an experiment in planting sugar (cane... [Item of the Day]