Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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BackgroundFour Australian historians (Rob Castle, Jim Hagan, Roger Knight and Andrew Wells) have been working over many years on a project that attempts to describe, compare and explain the labour... [Event]
The Ticonderoga, a clipper carrying 646 Scottish and Irish emigrants, arrived in Melbourne, Australia on 22 December 1852. On this horrifc voyage, 100 emigrants were buried at sea and another 68 died... [Item of the Day]
On this day, a Papuan house servant in Australian New Guinea was found guilty of an unspecified sexual offense against a European woman and was sentenced to two years with hard labour and 15 strokes... [Item of the Day]
From the 1860s, the demand for labour on the sugar cane plantations of Fiji and Queensland, Australia, resulted in blackbirding the shores in the region. Tens of thousands men inhabiting the smaller... [Item of the Day]
Clarinna Stringer, a widow with four children living in Carlton, Australia, was starving. She was refused relief by the local charity. By June 1892, she was well behind with the rent and the bailiffs... [Item of the Day]
Come all you sons of Freedom, a chorus join with me,I’ll sing a song of heroes, and glorious liberty.Some lads condemn’d from England sail’d to Van Diemen’s shore,Their country, friends and parents,... [Item of the Day]
The first union strike camp of Australian sheep shearers was set up in Central Queensland on 6 January 1891.  Strike camps were formed outside the towns when no landowner in the area was willing to... [Item of the Day]
Sydney and Melbourne building workers were the first in the world to gain an eight-hour day. The Australian gold rushes in the 1850s ushered in an economic boom with large-scale immigration from... [Item of the Day]
On 17 July 1985 the Australian Socialist Workers Party responds to a speech by President Reagan about an international terrorist syndicate that includes Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Libya, and Iran... [Item of the Day]
Labor Daily, the official organ of the labor movement in Australia, mainly features friendly news about sports and human interest. A cow in Nambucca River region has given birth to twins, but... [Item of the Day]