Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The Congress, following the experience of the IISG, will cover the period since 1500.  There will be around 60 expositions, 12 organizers and 8 to 10 discussants from different countries: Argentina,... [Event]
LATIN AMERICAN LABOR CONGRESS Work and Labourers – Past and Present La Paz, Bolivia – 3-6 May 2017INSTITUTIONS:  IISH -AmsterdamCentro de Investigaciones Sociales (CIS) de la Vicepresidenciadel... [Event]
Workshop The aim of the workshop is to compare Maoist insurgencies in various Asian and Latin American countries by addressing the following questions: Why does (Maoist) insurgency emerge in certain... [Event]
Program and ParticipantsRoger Knight: Sugarlandia. Re-Thinking the Sugar Colony in the Asia-Pacific Region, 1850-1940 (Workshop's discussion paper) Sri Margana, Village, Villager and Onderneming:... [Event]
A large number of collections at the IISH deal with the press, freedom of the press, and human rights. For World Press Freedom Day the IISH also calls attention to an event from the past, and in... [Image gallery]
With its historic revolutions and legendary revolutionary movements, Latin America was bound to become core business for the Institute. The first great revolution of the 20th century took place in... [Collection guide]
Recently, both the archive and the library of CLAT-Netherlands were made accessible for research, having been donated to the Institute in 2010. CLAT Netherlands was founded in 1965 by Dolf Coppes, a... [Collection highlight]
The collection of the Dutch professor Dirk Kruijt is composed primarily of research materials related to his broad field of interest on the political and social reality of Latin America and to his... [Collection highlight]
LATIN AMERICAN LABOUR CONGRESS .  Work and Labourers – Past and Present La Paz, Bolivia – 2-8 May 2017On 2-8 May 2017, the Latin American and Caribbean Conference Trabajo y Trabajadores (“Work and... [News]
Since 2012, the prestigious and well known Journal European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies or Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe  features a section called '... [News]