Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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SeminarThe Dark Side of DemocratizationDemocratisation in Indonesia and the Philippines comes with several problems. First, democratisation - and elections in particular - often comes with an... [Event]
High-cost Activism and the Worker Household: Revolutionary Activism among Phillippine plantation workers.ContentsIntroductionSocial activism: a household strategy?Social activism in the hacienda... [Publication]
From Erosion Control to Food Crisis Management - Changing gender divisions of labor in a Philippine upland village. [Publication]
An American entrepreneur proposed to import several hundred rickshaws in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, in 1902. The apparent absence of rickshaws in Manila was a point of contrast when... [Item of the Day]
In SIngapore, the Filipino domestic worker Flor Contemplacion, aged 42,  was hanged for murdering her fellow maid and the little son of her employer on 17 March 1995. The trial was hasty and many... [Item of the Day]
Critics refer to call-centers as modern-day sweat-shops. The call-center industry in the Philippines has exploded: there are 400.000 Philippino call center workers, more than in India. The 'Magna... [Item of the Day]
During the last week of August 1896 - the exact date and location are disputed -, the Philippine Revolution against Spanish rule began with a revolt of members of the Katipunan Revolutionary Secret... [Item of the Day]
Following a long, successful career as a film actor and mayor, Joseph Estrada attained the highest office in the Philippines in 1998. His administration was characterized by plunder and corruption.... [Item of the Day]
On 19 September 1987, assassins killed Lean Alejandro, the 27-year old Philippine leader who rose from the ranks of the student movement in the early 1980's to conduct the struggle against the Marcos... [Item of the Day]